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Bael'roc & Alysrazor deed.

Avvie, Oct 9, 11 5:43 PM.
Another night of excellent progress for TV saw Bael'roc die on our first attempt of the evening and last-go-itis on Alysrazor when she popped it on our last go of the evening. Very satisfying! Present were Geya, Mandragon, Dragonsblood, Elanesse, Branna, Siame, Avaris, Keaneo, Hunney and Kerowyn. Well done all :)

Guild Firelands progress update

Avvie, Sep 25, 11 5:19 PM.
I realise I've not mentioned our first Shannox kill a couple of weeks ago, but our progress this evening somehow seems a little sweeter :) We managed to down Shannox again with little trouble, then went on to one-shot Beth'tilac and then after a few tries we also killed Lord Rhyolith. Very well done to all present, a big dps output combined with the recent nerfs seem to have given us the edge we needed to crack on in Firelands. Congratulations to those present: Geya, Wadid, Dragonsblood, Branna, Elanesse, Keaneo, Avaris, Siame, Hunney and Kerowyn. Well done all :) 


Week three and a new boss dead

Avvie, Mar 16, 11 6:24 PM.
A good start to the new week with three bosses down in one night, with Maloriak being a new kill for TV. We had several attempts on him before he finally succumbed, but hopefully we can build on this in following weeks. Gratz to those of you who won loot, present were: Kerowyn, Hunney, Geya, Mandragon, Wadid, Branna, Loosecannon, Siame, Keaneo & Avaris.

First two bosses down in Blackwing Descent!

Avvie, Mar 6, 11 4:36 PM.
We had a great run tonight in Blackwing Descent. We managed to get Magmaw down on the second attempt of the evening, and then moved on to the Omnotron Defense System, and after a couple of attempts with different tactics we defeated them too. With the last part of the evening we went and had a look at Chimaeron, and on out best attempt we got him to about 69% which seems like a brilliant start. Gratz to those of you who won loot.
Attended: Hunney, Kerowyn, Mandragon, Geya, Branna, Siame, Thuggy, Deran, Keaneo & Avaris.
Well done all and look forward to the next one :)

Guild instance nights now on!

Avvie, Jan 30, 11 10:09 AM.
As per the discussion on the forums, we're now trialling guild nights in guild. Every night is guild night! Just be online and ready to go at either 7pm or 9pm gametime and say in guild wither you're after normal or heroic, and what classes you have on offer. See the officer outcome post for more info :)
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