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Avvie (SuperAdmin) 10/3/2006 11:59 AM EST : Guild rules & Code of Conduct
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Most importantly

  • Real life always comes first, but we'd love it if you can get involved while you're online.

  • TV is not a raiding guild. We just happen to be good at killing raid bosses whilst enjoying ourselves.

  • Members are expected to work together for the betterment of all, but don't expect more than you give.

  • If you need money please sell your items on the AH, we do not sell things to other members in guild. If you need something made and can provide materials then we're always happy to help out.

  • You are expected to uphold the honour of the guild at all times, we take any actions that could bring the guild name into disrepute very seriously.

Guild meetings, Instances, Raids, and Events

  • Guild meetings are infrequent but there's usually a good reason if we call one, so please to to come along if you can.

  • Guild news, raid planning and other exciting stuff is always on the guild page, so make sure you check in regularly so that you know what is happening.

  • Instances are as and when you want them, so feel free to start a group or join in. We're very happy to help folks who want to learn or improve.

  • We love to raid in-guild and have a giggle at the time, but we do have a few requirements in place. Please see the Raid Info section for more info.

General tips

  • Harrasment and bullying is not be tolerated within the guild; gentle teasing however is fine.

  • On a serious note, if you are having problems with another member then please feel free to talk to an officer in confidence.

  • Beggars and freeloaders will not be tolerated and will find their stay with us a short one.

  • With the above in mind, please don't feel obliged to lend or give anyone materials or cash unless you know the person well.

  • Whilst there is a lot of adult humour, we do still like to keep the chat relatively clean and welcoming.

  • Try to limit text speak please, we all went to school for a reason.

Guild Removal & Reasoning.

  • If you're inactive with the guild you could find yourself removed, so let an officer know or drop a note on the forums if you'll be absent a while. You can always come back when you're active again if not.

  • As most guildies have been here several years, we don't have many conflicts and know each other very well. As such we don't have a great deal of patience for folks who cause upset or annoyance and will swiftly deal with anything along those lines.

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