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Avvie (SuperAdmin) 7/28/2009 1:34 PM EST : How to sign up & join Trucido Vulgus
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If you don't have a Guildportal account set up yet, click the New User link at the very top of this page
Enter a User Name, E-mail Address and Password etc.

(Note: provides website hosting for all World of Warcraftservers as well as for other games like EQ2 and SWG.  Every user musthave a unique User Name.  If your in-game name is taken, try an altname or add a number or two or maybe a dash. It would be helpful ifyour user name is as close to your main in-game char name as possible,so that other users know who it is.)

Once you've created an account come back to this page and make sure you log in (again, at the top of the page)
Click the Join Trucido Vulgus link (top of the page)
Thissends the guild officers with web admin privilages a message that weneed to "authenticate" your membership.  We try to do this as quicklyas possible, but it may be a day or two.  You'll get a message in mail box when you've been added to our member list.
You will then be able to participate fully in the website.
You can also click the Characters/Settings link and enter some information about your main character and alts.

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