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Avvie (SuperAdmin) 3/15/2006 10:35 AM EST : Guild Ranks
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Guild Ranks & Recruiting
Below is a list of the current ranks and roles within Trucido Vulgus:

Oversees the running of the guild as a whole. Forum admin, bank admin, organises guild meetings. Duties also as per Lord.

Lord (authenticator required)
Keaneo, Kerowyn, Rori & Mandragon.
These guys are here for promotion voting, group organisation and day to day running of the guild (including bank & forum admin). All officers are expected to understand, adhere to and promote the guild rules.

Lord's Advisor (authenticator required)
Geya, Loosecannon & Hunney.
Creates signups and final lists for all guild raids, checks guild member ready to raid status, promotes the guild raid rules, reports to the Raid Captain (Keaneo).

Officer Alt (authenticator required)
This rank is for all officer alts. Can listen and speak on officer chat and invite members.

Class leader (authenticator required)
This rank is for the guild's class leaders. Mains only, no alts.

Raid Veteran (authenticator required)
This rank is to recognise those who are active in the guild's own raids, and has access to the free withdrawl tab in the guild bank.

Auth Member (authenticator required)
This rank is for fully fledged members. Players at this rank and above have access to items from the guild bank.

This rank is for fully fledged members.

This is the rank you will recieve as a new member to see how well you fit in with the guild. After you have been with us for a week or two and are at level 20 or above, the officers will review you for full membership status. Part of the process for being eligible for full member status is to have signed up for the guildpage, and read and understood the guild rules. If you are successful, you will progress to full member status. If you are still a Newbie and are inactive for one month, we will have to remove you from the guild. An explanatory letter will be sent.

Full members who have not been online in three months will be removed from the guild. Anyone at the Newbie rank will be removed after one month of inactivity. A letter in all cases will be sent to explain reasons for removal and ex-guildies are welcome to re-apply when they become active again.
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